A special review of D'Spectacles' genesis
(premiered at HK Folk Marathon 2020)

"It Began With A Single Step"!

Almost 40 years have elapsed since the Spectacles band was formed in 1981. We did not form the band with the plan of playing together in the next few decades that followed. But it has turned out that way! Looking back, it is like yesterday!

Standing at this milestone, we would like to take this first ever opportunity to document the genesis and development of our band.

In the few pages of the simple D’Spectacles website, we showcase how “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” and the ensuing footprints we left behind in the many contests, concerts and music activities. We have also listed out the songs we have performed before which would give an overview of how the various genres and styles of music we played intertwined with our vocal harmony.

It is so fortunate - that we still have kept some "treasures": materials including program leaflets, newspapers cutting, photos, audio and video recordings. Thanks to the modern technologies, the cassette tapes that contained our music have had their life brought back in digital data form allowing online sharing.

There is also a list of original songs that we have written; some of them have been kept on the sideline for a few decades and hope that they can be "activated" at some stage and be exposed to the 21st century music ambience!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the supporters who have liked D’Spectacles' music over the years. We will seek your continued support to our music through whatever channels.

Now, we sincerely invite you to visit


to feel our journey, stories and passion!

October 2020  


自1981年"四眼仔樂隊"成立以來,40年快將過去了。雖然我們當年成立樂隊時並沒計劃在接下來的幾十年裡一起演出,但它確是這樣發生了! 回頭看,就像昨天!



可以說是非常幸運 - 我們仍然保留了一些"寶藏":包括節目單,剪報,照片,音頻和視頻記錄的資料。借助現代技術,我們將錄在盒式磁帶的音樂以數碼形式恢復了它們的生命,並可以在線共享。


我們想藉此機會感謝所有多年來喜愛"四眼仔樂隊" D’Spectacles音樂的支持者。我們將通過各種渠道尋求您對我們音樂的持續支持。



網站, 並感受我們的旅程,故事和激情!

D’Spectacles 四眼仔樂隊