D'Spectacles Website Launched: 22nd October 2020

Since the formation of D'Spectacles in 1981, 2021 will be the 40th anniversary. The band has taken the opportunity to create a website which showcases the genesis of the band, the members and their journey with the activity footprints. The website is illustrated with plenty of photos and where available the recording of the audios and videos. While the quality of those materials is necessarily faded, traces of dedication and passion have been preserved. And we are leaving behind this legacy to whoever finds it interesting to read / listen / watch.

At the same time, D'Spectacles launched it's YouTube Channel with many of their previous audio and video recordings uploaded for memory.


D’Spectacles to perform at HK Folk 2020 Folk Music Marathon on 13th December 2020

With COVID-19 wreaking havoc for the whole year of 2020 and most music concerts are cancelled; HK Folk managed to pull off its annual event Folk Music Marathon with live streaming technology reaching out to even more audience. D’Spectacles will be adopting a new approach to perform online at this event. There are two songs that D’Spectacles has not been playing for a long, longtime and you will hear them in this concert. D’Spectacles will also take the opportunity of its 40th anniversary to deliver a special review of the journey of the Group. We look forward to seeing you there!

(please follow this link to HK Folk’s Folk Music Marathon page: https://fb.me/e/3L1MNsq3w)

D’Spectacles Launched Its Facebook Page on the Day of its 40th anniversary

On 22nd January 2021, D’Spectacles took the opportunity of the special day of its 40th Anniversary to launch it Facebook page. D’Spectacles left its launch message on the Page as follows: 

"Tonight" Was The Night, Today Is The Day.

"Tonight" was the night when D'Spectacles officially launched its name
The debut performance of Boat On The River that night was our first claim to fame
Today is the day for the band's 40th anniversary that we blessedly celebrate
It'll be a new experience to rediscover how history was made 

And the rest of the journey is still unwritten.......... 

We invite you to visit us at https://www.facebook.com/Dspectacles

D’Spectacles  in New Song Promotion Session 9th July 2021

D'Spectacles is going to release a new song and we conducted a brief promo session for the song “唱盡人心意”D’Spectacles talked about their long-cherished dream and their roadmap to bring life to their long-buried music pieces.

D'Spectacles 即將推出一首新歌,我們為這首新歌 “唱盡人心意” 進行了簡短的宣傳。D’Spectacles 講述他們長期以來的夢想,以及他們為埋藏已久的音樂作品帶來生命的路線圖。

Link to promo session:

We invite you to visit us to the new song after release at:

D’Spectacles  Releases A Brand New Folk Song <唱盡人心意> 10th July 2021

D’Spectacles is embarking on its journey to roll out original songs that have been composed by the Group over the years. The song has a folk style with a swing feel rhythm, featuring acoustic guitar and progressive vocal harmony arrangement and conveying positive energy through the high-impact lyrics.  It has been quite a while since D’Spectacles last released a new song. <唱盡人心意> represents a new milestone reached in our music journey. We have accumulated over the past four decades our own music pieces and have decided to reactivate them and share with music lovers. 

Music: Kenny Wong
Lyrics: Johnny Fong
Song Arrangement: Kenny Wong  

We invite you to visit the following link for the new song:

Or at out Facebook Page

D’Spectacles  Releases a New Song <回味> to Pay Tribute to the 80s Cantopop Songs of Hong Kong 21st August 2021

There is no better way to produce a new song of the 80s by doing it with raw ingredients of the 80s! The new song just released by D'Spectacles has its melody composed and lyrics written back in1989. 

作曲:Kenny Wong
作詞:陳少琪 (1989)
編曲:Kenny Wong

Special thanks to Mr. Chan Siu Kei who had written the song for us in just a day back in 1989
and it has taken us D'Spectacles 32 years to bring this song to life!

The song is officially released today and we hope that it is worth the wait!

We invite you to visit the following link for the new song:

Or at out Facebook Page