D'Spectacles (四眼仔樂隊) since 1981

D'Spectacles, a folk rock group, was formed in January of 1981 by Kenny Wong and Johnny Fong. They were schoolmates at St.Francis Xavier's School, Tsuen Wan and were already playing together in school's singing contests. D'Spectacles band was formed to take part in the Pop Folk Singing Contest in 1981. The band started off with the name Spectacles before it was changed to D'Spectacles in 1989. D'Spectacles focuses on folk & soft rock and acoustic pop genres and displays characteristics of vocal harmony.

1981 Jan - Kenny Wong and Johnny Fong formed Spectacles folk rock band in Hong Kong

1981 - Spectacles participated in 第一Pop Folk 歌唱大賽 organized by 清新音樂學院, produced by 年青人周報 and live broadcast by 商業二台. Contest Song: Boat On The River (Styx). Result: 1st place winner

1981 - Michael Wong joined Spectacles

1981 - Spectacles took part in RTHK's 全港業餘歌唱大賽. Contest Song: Helplessly Hoping (CSN). Result: 1st place winner

1983 - Michael Wong left Hong Kong for USA to pursue computing consultant opportunity

1983 - Spectacles took part in 夏日樂逍遙全港青少年民歌比賽, jointly organized by 政府新聞處及香港電台電視部. Contest Songs: It's Over (Perry Martin) and Boat On The River (Styx). Result: 2nd place winner

1983 - CK Mak joined Spectacles

1984 - Spectacles took part in 第一屆全港十八區業餘歌唱大賽 jointly organized by 星島報業,香港電台及各區政務處. Contest Song: Desperate For Time (Original). Result: 1st place winner of Group singing segment. [Special mention: Jacky Cheung 張學友1st place winner of Solo singing segment ]

1984 - Kenneth Fong joined Spectacles

1985 - 88 - Spectacles took part in numerous events include music concerts, interview, TV program guests and took part in covering folk songs classics in Albert Au's 至愛民謠十二首系列

1989 - Spectacles participated in the recording of the Terry (龍影霞 ) and D'Spectacles album with three original songs. The name D'Spectacles was proposed by Yip Hon Leung (professional lyricist) and officially adopted.

1990 - D'Spectacles  was engaged by 韋然 as manager. An MTV on 咖啡心曲 was produced by TVB.

1990 - 2010 - D'Spectacles activities were sporadic as Kenny Wong followed his job assignment in Shanghai and USA. Meanwhile there were original music and lyrics created through collaboration between Kenny & Johnny

2011 - Kenny Wong returned Hong Kong from USA and D'Spectacles became active again in local folk scene

2017 - CK Mak left D'Spectacles

2018 - Michael Wong integrated himself back to D'Spectacles through active commute between USA/HK and made appearance in gigs

2020 - D'Spectacles launched an official website to mark its 40th anniversary since its formation in 1981

2021 - D'Spectacles launched an official Facebook page to mark its 40th anniversary since its formation in 1981

2021 - D'Spectacles embarked on project to produce and release original songs from works by its members & music partners accumulated over the years

Today - The passion to deliver music is still burning

Kenny Wong
Creator "Spectacles" name
Founding member
Band leader
St. Francis Xavier's School Tsuen Wan & HKU
Vocal, guitar, song & lyrics writing
Johnny Fong
Founding member
St. Francis Xavier's School Tsuen Wan
Vocal, guitar & lyrics writing
Michael Wong
St. Francis Xavier's College Kowloon & UCI USA
Vocal, guitar
CK Mak
St. Francis Xavier's School Tsuen Wan
Vocal, guitar
Kenneth Fong
Professional songwriter, arranger and producer
St. Francis Xavier's College Kowloon & HK PolyU
Vocal, guitar, song & lyrics writing